Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is my first video post.  It looks like I have some work to do on getting good resolution, but it's a start.  Thanks for watching!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Edit 8/12/10: I've been able to access FB pretty consistently now from just about everywhere.

Greetings all,

As I've said before, Vietnam is blocking FB.  To keep in touch, I've linked my sputnikmonkey blog to Facebook with the hope that I can auto-feed from there to my FB page.  That said, if you want to keep up with what I'm doing there, the best way is to subscribe to my blog to get my posts delivered to your inbox.  It's easy to do.  Just enter your e-mail address in the form at the top of the blog. I hope to keep in touch with as many people as possible, so do subscribe.  I really don't know exactly if the auto-feed to FB will work and how VN will handle FB in the future. 



Monday, December 7, 2009

You know how you sometimes get into this research mode and go wayyy deep into analyzing every facet of something before you buy it? Well, I've been doing that a lot recently. And, as my priorities lie largely in computers, I just bought what I think is the best computer for my trip to Vietnam.

Not only is the ASUS N81VP portable (at a thin 14"), it also powerful enough to do anything. And by anything, I mean crunching through HD Video or playing Crysis -- with a backlit LED screen. Move over, Apple.

But that isn't exactly why I bought it. I bought it because in addition to catering to my wildest adventure, gaming, and content production fantasies, ASUS offers a 2-year global warranty. And, yes, they have a shop in Ho Chi Minh City, ladies and gentlemen. So, if it breaks because ASUS messed up, I get a free fix anywhere in the world. If I drop it off a cliff or if a cow steps on it, I might have a problem. But not a 100% loss. In addition to the 2-year global warranty I also got a free 1-year accidental warranty. Yes, even if a cow steps on it while I lay face down in a rice paddy, ASUS will fix or repair it. The only problem is that in that case I have to send it back to the US for replacement.

Well, it probably costs, what? $200 to ship a laptop overseas like that? That might be out of order, but I know that if I return within a year, I can drop it off and have a brand-new, 2.8ghz core 2 duo, HD4650, piece of awesomeness ready for whatever else comes next.

So, I pulled the trigger and got it. Yes, I could have spent my money on other things, or I could have just saved it for the living expenses while I figure out what I'm going to do in Saigon. But I do know this: I'm arriving with what I think is probably one of the best performing, best supported laptops in the whole country. Oh yes, I shall play the highest end games out now. I shall create music, edit photos and video, and talk with people all over the world. I shall do anything I care to do on a computer, and I shall do it with little worry. Neither my imagination nor my motivation will be limited by computing and graphics technology. That's pretty cool. And that I basically have it all covered anywhere I should voyage to on god's green earth -- well, that is just fine. The ASUS N81VP is, imho, the best computer for a traveler on the market today. And I'm getting one :-)

Goals: create a working version of my reviews website locally
Play the entire HL2 Orange Box and COD4
Create some cool music and multimedia stuff
Write, write, write