Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Burger 'n Adrenaline Rush, please

My hunt for a decent hamburger in Saigon has come to an end.  Mogambo Cafe' does the real deal.  We ate a Super Mogambo Burger, with cheese and their "special sauce" today.  It's a high-quality double-decker.  Imagine a Big Mac, but actually good.  Fresh, oven-baked bread and New Zealand beef.  We split one and got a Coke, with fries, for 210,000 VN (just over $10.)  Expensive?  Yes.  Good? Absolutely.  As good as any burger I ever had.  And that says alot: I was such a burger conesiour that I simply gave up trying to eat a decent burger here.  It's something about how they grind the beef here, I think.  It's just icky to me.  But upon a buddy's recommendation, Veni, vidi, vici.
Mogambo Cafe: 50 Pasteur, District 1.

That's the burger, now for the adrenaline rush.

So, we left there and Hang says we're going to the "5d" movie now.  The nerd in me is laughing.  Ha ha, 5d.

We get there and enter the waiting room.  They give us cold bottled water and ask us to choose a "phim" and have a seat.  I choose #1 "Paradise Coaster."  First of about 20 different choices.  I watch the LCD monitor of the people now on the ride/movie.  It's one of those 3d hydraulically-controlled deals. "Ha ha, look at them hold on to hand rail.  Noobs."  I rode the looping roller coaster at Dam Sem park with hands in the air.  Yea, I'm an old pro.

Then, oh. my. god.  Insane.  I told my brain "that isn't real, this isn't real," but my brain refused.  That's all I'll say.  You'll have to do it.  The video below looks cartoonish; it is.  But your brain won't believe it once you lift off.

Actually more exhilarating than paragliding in Nha Trang, dare I say (which is really quite relaxing), the 3 to 5 minutes on this ride is enough.  Any more and they'd paramedics on stand-by.

World Rider 5D  18 Nguyen Trai st., W.3 District 5 (not District 1!).  50,000 VND

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wave 110 convert to a 130. Fast as hell.

Hey all,

My cousin (VinaSun driver by day, gearhead by night) just bored out my Wave 110 to a 130 and rebuilt my carburetor to feed it. I just blew away all the kids on the way back home. Incredible upgrade. No Chinese bull####. 3M VND puts you way ahead of the Future and deep into 125-150 (Airblade, SH) territory. Best $150 I've spent here. Take my bike out for a spin to feel this noticeably stronger power.